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My Name is Dan Elmore and I have been an emergency planner in the public section with Department of Defense for over 3 decades. I am initiating a new ecommerce business with focus on Survival equipment, travel and environmentally friendly outdoor products. I have logged over 300,000 air miles over the US, Central America and Pacific area and traveled to 42 of the 50 US states.

During these unprecedented times with unpredictable and spontaneous emergencies what can be more critical than preparing for unexpected and life changing events.  With catastrophic natural disasters: Floods, hurricanes, tornados, devastating electrical, water and gas failures to threaten lives and livelihoods.  How will you prepare for such emergencies without the proper gear, instruments and confidence building mind-set?

How about preparing to depart on an extended trip and realize you can’t find your travel documents, credit cards or cell phone. Nothing like being in the security line to realize you lost or forgot your passport, ID or wallet is missing! Let’s try to fix that and reduce the anxiety of the unknown.

Are you set for a new outdoor adventure but haven’t done your homework for the venue and realize too late the weather changed or you are in bear country and you don’t have the proper equipment!

Please explore my site to see what could prepare you for that new or unexpected experience!

Love land, air or sea travel

Weather and outdoor enthusiast

Love learning, exploring and discovery